Your winter fairy tale in Rhineland‑Palatinate

Holiday tips for the cold time of year

When the last of the leaves have fallen from the trees, Jack Frost has left his mark on the grass in the morning, the rugged cliffs hang barren above the abyss and nature is wreathed in silence, then winter has arrived in Rhineland‑Palatinate. Come with us to discover nature at her most raw and beautiful. Or would you rather discover culture in the little streets of the historic old towns, enjoy a delicious drop of wine in a cosy bar or simply relax in the spa waters?

Whatever type you are, you have found the perfect starting point for the cold time of year. So welcome to your winter holiday in Rhineland‑Palatinate!


View of Hambach Castle in winter, Palatinate

Wonderful christmas markets

Glittering lights and advent magic

Do you love to be out and about with friends and are already longing to relive the splendour of days gone by?

Then you are a dreamer who likes to be thrown back to your childhood with all your senses: you feel the warmth of the fire, see the golden glow of the market lights, smell the scents of the stalls, taste the warm spices on your tongue and feel that you are in exactly the right place.

Visitors of the nostalgic Christmas market in Hachenburg, Westerwald

Nostalgic Christmas Market in Hachenburg, Westerwald


Guests in a wine cellar on the Saar-Obermosel, Moselle

Enjoyment in a wine cellar on the Saar-Obermosel, Moselle valley

Inspirational wine events

Wine estates and Rebenglück

Do you like to experience new things and love nothing more than tasting the foodie treats the world has to offer?

Then you are a connoisseur who studies every mouthful with a trained nose and a refined palate. The grape variety is just as important as the terroir. Or maybe you just enjoy a good glass of wine.

Perfect feel-good factor

Brine, salt and sauna

Do you crave rest and relaxation and yearn to escape the stress and bustle of everyday life?

Then you are a seeker. After a gentle walk through the tranquil countryside, you can enjoy one of our restful spas, saunas and brine pools, and experience the ultimate in relaxation.

Taking a sauna in a pleasant atmosphere in Bad Sobernheim, Nahe

Taking a sauna in a pleasant atmosphere, Nahe

A couple on the spa promenade in Bad Ems in winter, Lahn valley

Walk along the spa promenade in Bad Ems, Lahn valley

Cultural adventure trails

Historic villages and buzzing cities

Do you enjoy wandering through the world with your eyes open and discovering all the little details of the pretty façades, promenades and streets?

Then you are a discoverer who is at home on the squares and streets, among the half-timbered houses, churches and palaces. Whether it is the Romans or the knights, bishops, emperors and kings, for you it is all about getting a feel for history.

Adventurous winter walks

Snowy strolls and wintry walks

Would you like someone to point out the best viewpoints as you feel the fresh, frosty breeze on your face?

Then you are an adventurer who is defiant in the face of the cold, following in the footsteps of your local guide along their favourite walks before pausing in amazement as you are finally rewarded for your efforts with unparalleled views over a veritable winter wonderland.

A family at the Eagle and Wolf Park Kasselburg, Eifel

A highlight for young and old even in winter: The Kasselburg Eagle and Wolf Park, Eifel