Virtual Romantic Germany

Virtual experiences in the treasure trove of Rhineland-Palatinate

Discover Rhineland-Palatinate from the comfort of your own home and let yourself be charmed by the beauty, history and joie de vivre of its people. Winemakers, wine festivals and wine tasting, hiking trails, museums, castles and palaces – you can experience all these virtually now.

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360° panoramas of Rhineland-Palatinate

All-round views

While you prudently settle into your sofa at home, we will transport you to a leisurely walk-through of the Deutsches Eck, Geierlay suspension bridge or Jewish Museum in Worms. All-round views guaranteed!

360° video of the Geierlay suspension bridge

Venture across the Geierlay and let your gaze wander over the diverse landscape: watching the 360° videos feels just like you’re right in the middle of it all.

360° tour of Linz am Rhein

Experience Linz on the romantic Rhine on a 360° virtual tour: visit the old town and historic market square on a virtual walking tour of the town.

Webcam view of the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz

Use the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress webcam to get a 360° aerial view of the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz and the romantic Rhine.

A 360° tour of the Jewish Museum in Worms

Get a first glimpse of the Jewish Museum in Worms on a 360° panoramic tour.

360° tour of Andernach

Experience Andernach on the romantic Rhine on a 360° virtual tour: visit the park along the Rhine, the palace gardens and the geyser, or go on a virtual walking tour of the town.

Current information on the applicable COVID-19 regulations in Rhineland-Palatinate

All tourism-related facilities and tourist offers in Rhineland-Palatinate are open without restrictions. In public transport and long-distance traffic, the mask obligation continues to apply. Please note that individual facilities may nevertheless be affected by individual measures. We therefore recommend that you obtain information directly from the relevant provider before your visit. Further information on entry and quarantine regulations of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate can be found here.

Digital video experiences

Dive into our holiday regions

Have you had enough of streaming films, fighting zombies, tossing rings into active volcanoes or reciting the Ten Commandments? We would like to make you yearn for Rhineland-Palatinate and want to visit it once travel is permissible again. Go on your dream trip with our videos!

Marienstatt Abbey video

Watch aerial footage of the Marienstatt monastery grounds with church buildings and wonderful gardens in the Westerwald.

Berwartstein Castle video

Visit Berwartstein Castle in this inspiring video and learn all about the home of Hans Trapp, a notorious knight.

WesterwaldSteig trail video

The WesterwaldSteig leads through magnificent forests, meadows and valleys. This video of the premium long-distance hiking trail gives you an idea of what to expect on your walking tour.

Rheinsteig trail video

Learn more about the legendary Rheinsteig premium long-distance hiking trail, which turned 15 in 2020, in this video.

William Turner and his works on the romantic Rhine

The Turner Route: Learn more about William Turner and his work along the Romantic Rhine, and admire many of his works on the Upper Middle Rhine Valley online.

Video: Hildegard of Bingen – in the footsteps of a saint

Take the Hildegardweg trail in the footsteps of a strong woman who dispensed with convention even in the Middle Ages and is still admired today.

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Video: Master of letters. Following Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz

From Mainz, the most famous son of the city and master of letters changed the way the world read and learned in the 15th century: Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of modern letterpress printing.

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Video: Romanticism in the Middle Rhine Valley – A picture tells more than 1,000 words

Mystic castles and mighty fortresses, wide rivers and deep valleys, centuries of history and friendly people – grab your camera and head off on a tour of the romantic Middle Rhine Valley!

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Video: A change of perspective on the Lahn

You can enjoy an active adventure in a natural setting right on the Lahn and see life from a whole new perspective from a canoe on the river!

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Video: Secrets of the maars – Volcanic origins in the Nature Park and Geopark

The Pulvermaar in the volcanic Eifel region is a real natural treasure that was formed by explosive natural forces. Take a walk with a knowledgeable guide and discover the secrets of the maars.

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Video: The "Traumschleife Baybachklamm" loop

Discover the Hunsrück Grand Canyon. Rugged cliffs, dense forests and a bubbling stream in the background: it’s all you need for a perfect day on the "Traumschleife Baybachklamm" loop.

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Video: The house on the lake – Expedition to the Westerwald Lake District

The Westerwald Lake District is a veritable paradise for campers and nature lovers. There are seven lakes waiting to be discovered on foot, by bike, by boat or on a stand-up paddleboard.

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Video: The Moselle from above. On a voyage of discovery by seaplane

Stunning vistas of the charming river bends, the vintners hard at work in the vineyards and the tranquil villages. Flying over the Moselle is simply wonderful!

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Video: Views of the Ahr – On the Ahr cycle trail with a former professional cyclist

A tranquil river meanders past steep cliffs and sloping vineyards Our next natural treasure takes you and your bike to the picturesque Ahr valley!

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Video: The history of democracy. Behind the scenes at Hambach Castle

Hambach Castle rises majestically above the sea of vines in the southern Palatinate. Inside the walls of the cradle of German democracy, you can find out all about its exciting history.

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