Sascha Grammel-Live FAST DONE! - SOLD OUT-


Hachenburg · Westerwald

Date has been postponed from 10.02.2022!

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The Hachenburger KulturZeit was again able to win the successful puppeteer and ventriloquist Sascha Grammel for a performance in the Rundsporthalle.

In the new program "FAST DONE!", Sascha's popular puppet crew has fled to a lonely dream island. Visitors can look forward to a reunion with Grammel's hit dream team: all of his popular-known doll characters such as Frederic, Josie, Prof. Hacke & Co - and Sascha's largest ventriloquist doll ever. The craziest and most emotional program of the Bambi award winner!

Tickets from the rescheduled event of 10.02.2022 remain valid! Those who do not have time on the new date (05.03.2023) can return the tickets and will receive their money back upon presentation (by post) of the original tickets. Please be sure to include: Account details, name, address and send to Hachenburger KulturZeit, Perlengasse 2, 57627 Hachenburg.

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