Winningen im Lichterglanz

from 26.11.2022 - 27.11.2022

Winningen · Mosel

"Winningen in the glow of lights" with vineyard lights and colorful program.

On the first Advent weekend will take place from 25.11 - 27.11.2022. More information will follow in the course of the year. As in previous years, Winningen will shine in the glow of lights. Streets and houses will be illuminated and the illuminated Christmas trees in the vineyards shall announce far and wide that Winningen presents itself in a Christmas dress and that a stroll through the alleys is worthwhile in any case. Around 300 strings of lights, many strung across the alleys by the young winegrowers, and the now famous Winninger Rebenkugeln, give the town a very special glow. The "Winninger Rebenkugeln" have become a big hit in the meantime. In these days the 1000th Rebenkugel was delivered. As in previous years, the village and vineyard lights will be on from the 1st Advent until mid-January, so that a visit to Winningen after the festive weekend is also a nice way to get in the mood for Christmas. This includes for the first time the illuminated "Brückstücksweg". At each Christmas tree set up there not only the light chains burn. Giant Christmas balls with a diameter of 120 centimeters are hung up - of course also illuminated. In addition, the vineyards are illuminated in bright colors.

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Winningen im Lichterglanz
Bachstraße 7
56333 Winningen

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56333 Winningen