Mosel Music Festival: 500Years of Piano Music with Kit Armstrong Concert 3


Bernkastel-Kues · Mosel

People have been dreaming of time travel not only since the publication of H.G. Wells' novel "The Time Machine" in 1895. In the course of the past hundred years, philosophers and scientists have thought and researched a lot about the phenomenon of movement through space and time, and not least Albert Einstein's theory of relativity or the work of the German mathematician Hermann Minkowski brought the realisation that space and time can be regarded as two aspects of a four-dimensional entity. A very special kind of time travel is in store for the 2022 festival summer: 500 years of piano music. The specialist for such a journey through time and space is the exceptional pianist Kit Armstrong, who studied not only piano at Utah State and the University of Pennsylvania, but also mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. Kit Armstrong has been associated with the moselmusikfestival for many years and sets exciting and refreshing accents in the concert scene with his exceptionally individually conceived programmes. This cycle is a project close to his heart, which will be experienced in this form for the first time. For the five evenings, the festival team has selected five particularly beautiful spaces along the Moselle from the portfolio of around 100 venues. In this way, the chronology of musical currents, influences and cross-references conceived by Kit Armstrong will be able to unfold fully for the audience through architecture and text. Enlightenment - Openness and Esotericism (1720-1820) Music by Haydn, C.P.E Bach, Mozart, Beethoven a.o. Kit Armstrong, piano This cycle is also available as a subscription for 175 € incl. advance booking.


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