Moselle Music Festival: casalQuartett


Bernkastel-Kues · Mosel

"There are musical encounters that you don't forget so quickly!" So says the daily newspaper Luxemburger Wort about the Zurich casalQuartett. In terms of content, the renowned string quartet is also blowing an impressive "east wind" in keeping with this year's theme of the Cultural Summer with "Russian Treasures": in 1771, a momentous musical encounter took place when none other than Catherine the Great invited the German violinist and composer Anton Titz to St. Petersburg with the intention of turning the Russian port city into the "Paris of the East". An encounter that would henceforth revolutionise Russia's music and bring string quartet culture to the salons of the cultural capital. Among other things, it was the renowned Friday concerts ("Les Vendredis") in the house of the influential merchant and publisher, N.P. Belyayev, that became the source of inspiration for many contemporary Russian composers. One of them was Alexander Glazunov, also called the "Russian Brahms", who from then on combined motifs of Russian folklore with Western flair. But the works of another key figure must not be missing either: the music of Tchaikovsky - and so the casalQuartett impressively transforms the musical treasures of the three composers into a captivating and intimate transformation of Russian history, which comes alive again in the baroque hall of Kloster Machern!


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