Art at the Park


Rabenau · Lahntal

Every two years, "Art in the Park" takes place in the Londorf Burggarten on Giessener Straße! The event has become increasingly popular with art lovers in recent years, so the organizers are happy to meet the desire of artists and visitors with the next edition. For the event, the entire middle and lower area of the magnificent park will be deliberately available for the exhibiting artists. The musical part will take place in the area of the fountain, where shady trees will make it pleasant to linger. Art paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, performance and sculptures in various techniques and styles will create a beautiful atmosphere in various locations in the park. Translated with (free version)


Verkehrsverein Rabenau
Brodbachstraße 26
35466 Rabenau

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Burggarten Londorf
Gießener Straße 22
35466 Rabenau

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