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The origins of the Horse Market.

How did the Horse Market, which is still celebrated to this day, come about?
The horse was only recognised as a riding animal and reserved for the nobility and the military. In the middle of the 19th century, however, the horse became more and more popular in agriculture and replaced the ox as a draught animal. The community of Quirnbach decided to hold a horse market in 1877.
The date in November was great for the farmers of Westrich. The harvest had been brought in and their finances were in good shape. What's more, most of the year's work had been done and the horse market could be visited in peace. There was plenty of conversation as many people came together to eat and drink. People shared their experiences, laughed, celebrated and argued.
Today, it would be fair to call the market town a centre of communication. The Horse Market in the autumn gave the farmers plenty of time to tend to their interpersonal relationships. As it was quite common at that time to "promise" one's children, the Quirnbach Horse Market was colloquially referred to as the "marriage market".

Each year, on the second Wednesday of November, the small town in the western Palatinate looks a little different. This is when an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 guests visit Quirnbach Horse Market.
The Horse Market's biggest spectator magnet for the horse lovers among visitors is the award ceremony with a horse show starting at 9:45 am in the horse tent. It is unparalleled for miles around, as horse owners know that they will get the chance to present their four-legged friends to a large audience in Quirnbach.
The horse awards takes place each year with about 60 four-legged friends.

Starting at 11 a.m., there will be music for people of all ages in the heated marquee, and in the evening a party band will provide entertainment. The local associations will provide you with a variety of food and drinks. There will also be other stands (about 110) offering a wide range of goods.
Whether it rains, storms or snows, Quirnbach Horse Market is a meeting place for all generations.


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