22nd Hauenstein "Keschde" Market with Sunday trading


Hauenstein · Pfalz

22nd Hauenstein Chestnut Market on Sunday, 17 October 2021 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Johann-Naab-Platz

Everything will be revolving around the chestnut when the brown autumn fruit becomes the focus of the Keschdewoche (Chestnut Week) and the Hääschdner Keschdemarkt (Chestnut Market) with Sunday trading.
The oldest Keschdemarkt (Chestnut Market) in the Palatinate has everything to offer related to the "Castanea sativa", which is the scientific name of the "Pfälzer Keschde" ("Palatinate chestnut").

The market offers irresistible delicacies. The butcher sells Keschdesaumagen"(pig's stomach stuffed with chestnuts) and Keschdeworscht (chestnut sausage), and there will be Keschdebrot (chestnut bread), Keschdeweck (chestnut rolls) and Keschdekuchen (chestnut cake) fresh from the bakery.
At the market stall you can buy Keschdelikör (chestnut liqueur), Keschdegeist (chestnut brandy), Keschdesenf (chestnut mustard) and the confectioner offers sweet Keschdepralines (chestnut pralines).
The Keschdesupp (chestnut soup) with Keschdepannekuchen (chestnut pancakes) is delicious.
The raw product "Keschde" (chestnut) is sold by the Swiss chestnut expert, who roasts them over charcoal embers.

More information will follow.


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