Onion market

from 08.09.2021 - 09.09.2021

Boppard · Romantischer Rhein

The onion market has a very long tradition in Boppard. It goes back as far as the Middle Ages, when merchants, offering onions from a nearby Rhine island, sold their ware in Boppard. In those days the onions were transported to Boppard in small boats and barges. Nowadays you can still buy onions at the market but there is a wealth of other wares on offer, which makes a visit to Boppard during Onion Market very worthwhile indeed. There is so much to see and lots of interesting goings-on at the stands, which are all situated along the Rhine Allee in front of Boppard’s large hotels and also on the market square. This year the market will continue its long tradition and will be full of interesting surprises for its visitors…old and young alike