2nd Streetfood Festival Zell (Mosel)


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2nd Streetfood Festival Zell (Mosel)

Mobile cookshops and food trucks with culinary art from all over the world - street food is all the rage! At the 2nd Streetfood Festival in Zell an der Mosel, visitors will discover wonderful delights and can nibble their way through the pots of the world in a relaxed atmosphere.

The banks of the Moselle in Zell between Marktplatz and Lindenplatz (pedestrian bridge) will be transformed into a colourful festival site for one weekend and will be the scene of inveterate restaurateurs and their food trucks, who invite you to a gourmet journey around the world with a colourful selection of delicacies (also vegetarian or vegan).

In addition to wines from the famous "Zeller Schwarze Katz", the range of cocktails and other drinks is sure to provide the perfect accompaniment to the culinary delights.

Free admission!

Traffic routing: During the above-mentioned opening hours, the road along the banks of the Moselle between Marktplatz and Lindenplatz (pedestrian bridge) is closed to through traffic; access is possible as far as the festival site. Outside the opening hours of the festival, the road along the Moselufer will be open to through traffic as usual.

Subject to change


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