Mosel Music Festival Open Air Concert Fee Badenius & Band


Bernkastel-Kues · Mosel

With honesty, wit and subtlety, singer-songwriter Fee Badenius, born in 1986, tells cheeky and charming tales from the fullness of life in her songs. Together with her band colleagues Johannes Still, Jochen Reichert and Christoph Helm, the musician from the Ruhr region with the tender, cuddly voice conjures up a varied and poignant play of words on stage. A skill that the formation around Fee Badenius already demonstrated in 2019 at the Casino am Kornmarkt and with which they left a completely enthusiastic audience behind. The fourth album "Superheldenteam" takes you into the world of the heart and mind of the talented artist with depth and diversity. She sensitively manages to ask the right questions at the right time, to choose the right words and to let everything melt into a harmonious whole. Unpredictably, like life itself, each song becomes a story all its own. Love, pain and home find their place just as much as change, melancholy and reflection - and of course the aforementioned superheroes will also be encountered at her performance in the Moselle meadows of Bernkastel-Kues. An artist you simply have to take to your heart!

29 € incl. VVK


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