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Abgesagt - Stadtführungen in Rhens mit Herrn Schmillen


Rhens · Romantischer Rhein

City tours in Rhens
Meeting point at 14.30 at the Tourist Information, Am Viehtor 2, in Rhens, (behind the Old Town Hall), Tel. 02607 - 49510. 
Franz-Josef Schmillen will be in charge. The guided tours usually last 90 minutes.   Fee: 5 € / person (children and young people up to 16 years free).

Sunday, September 20th: " 'Get the hell out of here' - Criminal justice in Rhens in old times"
In medieval criminal justice, the "dark Middle Ages", sometimes wrongly called the "dark ages", are clearly visible to us. From the "baker's baptism" to the "quartering": the list of laws and (sometimes cruel and merciless) punishments is long. But in this time it was always a matter of living within the framework of the divine order and of one's own salvation: what did bodily torments up to death mean, if at least the soul of the offender could be saved! What a difference to today's "offender": the penal system - with the help of resocialization - should guarantee a life free of punishment in the future.  During this tour, some stations will explain exemplary sentences of honour, imprisonment and death penalty.

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