Soonwaldsteig trail

The Soonwaldsteig trail offers wilderness, tranquillity and a source of power all in one – hike in harmony with nature and yourself.

The trail leads from Kirn in the Hahnenbach Valley on wooded quartzite ridges down through the romantic Rhine Valley to Bingen. Enjoy the tranquillity of remote forests, with only the background noises of nature, escape from the stresses of everyday life and recharge your batteries.

More than 40km of the 85km long Soonwaldsteig trail in the area of Großer Soon and Lützelsoon mountains is uninhabited and only crosses small, seldom used roads. Therefore, you should bring plenty of provisions with you. New paths bring you into inaccessible forests and lead you to hidden natural treasures.


Soonwaldsteig trail
25:10 h
83,8 km
2650 m
2770 m

Soonwaldsteig Stage 1: Kirn - Bundenbach


14,8 km

5:00 h
Medieval castles and evidence of slate mining in the picturesque Hahnenbach Valley.

Soonwaldsteig Stage 2: Bundenbach - Simmerbach Valley


13,3 km

4:10 h
Hike over the crest of the Lützelsoon mountain, where wildcats bathe in the sun on the quartzite…

Soonwaldsteig Stage 3: Simmerbach Valley - Ellerspring


14,9 km

4:00 h
Ascend the steep paths to the Koppenstein and immerse yourself in the beech forests of the Großer…

Soonwaldsteig Stage 4: Ellerspring - Rheinböllen


15,8 km

4:00 h
Hike around the source of the River Gräfenbach to the Schwappelbruch nature reserve and the…

Soonwaldsteig Stage 5: Rheinböllen - Jägerhaus


14,0 km

4:00 h
Enjoy the views of the Rhine from the Binger forest, part of the Hunsrück mountain range, as well as…

Soonwaldsteig Stage 6: Jägerhaus - Bingen


11,9 km

4:00 h
The deep Morgenbach Valley and the rustic Eselspfad path show you the quiet side of the Rhine…

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