Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 10: Klingenmünster - Bad Bergzabern

The shortest stage of the Pfälzer Weinsteig attracts with the charm of the surrounding landscape and the atmosphere of the southern Palatinate resorts of Gleiszellen and Pleisweiler-Oberhofen. Our goal is the spa garden town of Bad Bergzabern. From the monastery in Klingenmünster the path leads through the vineyards towards the spa gardens and along the Klingbach up through the vineyards towards Gleiszellen. Along cobbled streets you pass the outskirts of  Hatzelberg-Brunnen, dive into the forest and are guided along the slopes of the Hatzelberg and the Röhlberg to the crossroads at Seicheneck. Following the course of the Hirtenbach along the Talaue you soon arrive at the Wappenschmiede. This historic, half-timbered house in Pleisweiler invites you to stop for a refreshment before the hike ends in the vineyards of the spa garden town of Bad Bergzabern. The cosy historic centre, the parking facilities and the Südpfalz Thermal Baths offer recreation and relaxation. Friends of architecture should not miss the castle and the renaissance buildings of the historic centre.


Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 10: Klingenmünster - Bad Bergzabern
3:45 h
12,9 km
329 m
342 m

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