Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 7: Burrweiler - Dernbach

Long distance and panoramic views, a ruined castle and the rustic forest huts of the Pfälzerwald-Verein - these sights you will get to know during the 17-km tour of discovery. Following the red-yellow marked trail it goes first uphill to the St. Anna_Kapelle, from there the red-white grapes trail marker leads along the slopes of the Teufelsberg to the Trifelsblick-Hütte. From the terrace, the views are towards the south with the former imperial castle Trifels, the wooded summit of the Wasgau and the Vosges. The Ramberger Waldhaus lends itself to make  a stop before scouting the ruins of Neuscharfeneck with its walk-in tunnels and chambers. A few minutes later the trail continues along a tree-lined path to the Landauer  Hütte where the outdoor seating under trees invites you, yet again, to have  a break. Shortly before the stage destination, the Pfälzer Weinsteig invites you to  make a round tour of  Orensfelsen. Its viewing platform with a 270 ° panorama does not allow you to rest your eyes. Past the Landauer Hütte and the restaurant Dembacher Haus, the trail leads on to Dernbach.


Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 7: Burrweiler - Dernbach
5:30 h
17,3 km
585 m
639 m

source Pfalz Touristik e.V. · author: Tobias Kauf

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