Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 3: Bad Dürkheim - Deidesheim

The third stage takes us next to Bad Durkheim, Deidesheim and further sites of interest - the valleys of Poppental and Burgtal, the ruins of the Wachtenburg and the Heidenlöcher. Following the red-white trail marker from the Römerplatz in Bad Durkheim, we go out of the town and up to the Flaggenturm which offers a spectacular view over a  sea of vines. From the Flaggenturm there is a detour possible to the monastery church of Seebach or to the Klosterruine Limburg. Chestnut trees, pine and oak trees line the road into  the Poppental and up to the ruins of the Wachtenburg. In addition to a refreshment at the castle tavern, the Wachtenburg offers a view over the sparkling wine town of Wachenheim. Next, the path leads to the stone witnesses of a refuge fort, the Heidenlöchern. The descent to the Michaelskapelle allows a wide view over the vineyards around the town of Deidesheim which is well known for its excellent restaurants and wineries.


Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 3: Bad Dürkheim - Deidesheim
4:30 h
14,9 km
500 m
511 m

source Pfalz Touristik e.V. · author: Tobias Kauf

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