Pfälzer Weinsteig Etappe 01 Bockenheim - Neuleiningen

The 17 km long first stage lives up to its reputation. Through  sun-drenched vineyards, the path leads from Bockenheim to Neuleiningen, overcoming almost 500 metres in altitude - a stage well suited to warm up. The start of the tour is at the architecturally- striking building of the Deutsche Weinstrasse in Bockenheim, the oldest tourist route in Germany. Along sunlit grass paths you walk slightly uphill towards the Fahnenberg and reach the Heiligenkirche, a beautiful country chapel. Passing a sacrificial stone the path then leads to the Patriciawingert where you should enjoy the view over the Rhine valley and over to the Odenwald whilst enjoying a short rest at the Panoramabar. To reach the Galgenberg there is the first climb after which  you can fortify yourself at the Weinwanderhütte Asselheim (open on weekends) before climbing up to the  Quirnheimer Berg. It is well worthwhile to make a detour of approx. 500 metres to the Motorradmuseum ( motorcycle museum) in Quirnheim. The trail then descends again towards Mertesheim. Running alongside the Eisbach you soon reach the shady town park in Grünstadt. Further on towards the west you can enjoy the Grünstadter Berg  with spectacular views of the plutonic rock of the Donnersberg. From here it is only a short walk through the vineyards to the hillside village of Neuleiningen.


Pfälzer Weinsteig Etappe 01 Bockenheim - Neuleiningen
4:48 h
17,0 km
500 m
394 m

source Pfalz Touristik e.V. · author: Tobias Kauf

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