Hauensteiner Schusterpfad

A hike with a lot to see

An adventure for both young and old is the Hauensteiner Schusterpfad - one of seven premium hiking trails in the municipality of Hauenstein. Along easy-going paths this 15-kilometre-long circular route leads around the traditional shoe-making town of Hauenstein. Along the way, there are numerous viewpoints inviting you to have a short rest or snack.


The tour starts at the rocky gap next to the Penny supermarket in Hauenstein. From there, the climb begins up to the Felsentor, a distinctive rock formation below the Nedingfelsens. Once you have finished the steep path to Nedingfelsen, you will enjoy the first impressive panoramic view of Hauenstein and its hilly surroundings, a foretaste of the many other highlights of this tour. After a short breather on the spacious plateau of Nedingfelsens it goes back down into the valley, past the Karmelkloster through an idyllic meadow landscape before the next ascent awaits you. Winding paths lead up through the rocky landscape and through fragrant pine forests up to the mighty Kreuzelfelsen. Along the way, there is also a path branching off to Felsentisch where walkers have piled up small stone cairns, which are well worth   photographing. As soon as the cross on the summit of the Kreuzelfelsens becomes visible, you can imagine that you will be rewarded for making this strenuous climb   with a great view.


It is these outlooks and wide views that make each Premiumweg into a breathtaking experience. Also on the rocky massif "Kahler Felsen" there is a panoramic view of the hillside landscape that you will not forget. For this reason, many hikers like to linger here a while or explore the neighbouring rock formations and discover secluded resting areas. It is also advisable to rest here since the following path towards the Hühnerstein is no bed of roses.


What you should definitely not miss is a trip to Dörreinfelsen and the Fliehburg Backelstein. This early medieval wooden castle towers over a formidable hillside wall and rewards you for your walking stamina with a long-distance view. Once back on the trail, the highlight of this tour can be seen: the Hühnerstein. Perched like a giant mushroom on the hill ridge, the summit can be reached via a metal ladder which leads to the observation deck from where you can look in all directions - a breathtaking panorama.


After so many distant views and rocky adventures you will now enjoy a rest and snack at the Wanderheim Dicke Eiche belonging to the Pfälzerwaldverein. Now the following last five kilometres of this eventful hiking tour have something different to offer. Depending on whether other hikers are on the way, a bright sound of bell ringing can be heard from a distance. Situated in a forest glade there is   the   picturesque pilgrimage church "Winterkirchel" whose bell ropes can be operated by any visitor. Undoubtedly a surprise for everyone making this walk for the first time. From the Trifelsblick you can enjoy beautiful views once again before returning with many happy memories back to Hauenstein.




Hauensteiner Schusterpfad
5:00 h
15,2 km
404 m
390 m

source Tourist-Info-Zentrum Pfälzerwald · author: Sonja Spiess

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