Conquering Dreierburg Castle in the rocky Dahn landscape

There are views of Dreierburg Castle from all around. Climbing up to this impressive rocky cliff and exploring the Dahn castles there makes for an exciting day. On the premium ‘Hahnfels-Tour’ trail, you can approach the powerful castle complex one step at a time. Even after the first climb up from Erfweiler, it is worth pausing for a moment. Standing on rocks above the Hahn, the ruins of Alt-Dahn, Grafendahn and Tanstein look close enough to touch. But there are still another five kilometres of climbing on forest and rocky trails ahead. As if laying siege to them, the challenging premium trail circles the castles on the mountain, approaching carefully while keeping its distance.

These, the largest castle ruins in the Palatinate, dominate the rocky landscape around Dahn amid the undulating Palatine Forest. Three ruins close together on a massive cliff-top shaped by numerous storms. Moisture and minerals have eaten away at the rocks, creating the honeycomb-like holes so familiar among the rocky towers of the Wasgau. Not even rock lasts forever here.

How would it have looked in the early Middle Ages, when the castles were built and noblemen lived in them? A series of wars brought the steps and pathways carved into the stone and rocks to the very limits of their endurance. Perhaps that is why it is so impressive to explore the mountain ruins in the middle of a hike, standing on the castle keep after two hours of effort, soaking in the scenery while your heart rate returns to normal.

You can let your mind wander while taking one step at a time. The 15 kilometre hiking trail is a remarkable one. It is not only the climbs up and down past rocky plateaus commanding wonderful views, but also the idyllic spots along the way that bring joy to any hiker’s heart.

Hikers at the ruin of Alt-Dahn in Palatine Forest, Palatinate

Hikers at the ruin of Alt-Dahn with view of the Palatine Forest, Palatinate

How lovely it is to have a picnic by a pond and top up your water bottle with fresh water from the Eibach spring! Refreshed and recovered, the last hour of the hike becomes an exploration of nature, including the Erfweiler waterfall, where you can rest again. What a treat after conquering the Dreierburg!

The Dreierburg Castle in the rocky Dahn landscape/Palatine Forest, Palatinate

View of the Dreierburg Castle in the rocky Dahn landscape/Palatine Forest, Palatinate

The ruin of Alt-Dahn in the rocky Dahn landscape, Palatinate

The ruin of Alt-Dahn in the rocky Dahn landscape, Palatinate

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