Wallender Born

Wallenborn · Eifel

A seemingly peaceful fountain awakens, begins to bubbling. Suddenly, a fountain of 9 ° C of cold water shoots into the sky, for six minutes it bubbles up. The haunted by, the "Brubbel" like the locals call their phenomenon affectionate, is just as flashy. The basis for this nature play forms a carbonated source, one as there are hundreds in the Eifel. These wanted to use the Wallenborner industrially in the early 1930s and began to drill. But with this attempt, they were blasting earth and water. They had come upon a chamber in which rising CO2 accumulated and exhaled with force and water to the surface. The fact that the "Brubbel" spits today still at such regular intervals can be explained by a comparison: Similar to a bubbler which is shaken, the pressure rises in the underground chamber. At some point, or more precisely, after 35 minutes, it exceeds the pressure of the water column above. Born the Wallende Born - a show that you should not miss!

Wallender Born

Wallender Born
Neue Straße
54570 Wallenborn

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