Töpfereimuseum im Kannenofen

Höhr-Grenzhausen · Westerwald

The handicraft, technical, economic and social history, as well as the art historical aspects of Westerwald pottery, including pottery areas. Ceramics in science and technology. Technical monument "Kannenofen" (kiln building, Rhineland and Westerwald stoneware 13th - 20th century, Silesian-Brunzlauer ceramics 16th - 20th century).

Ceramics stock sale. School classes and bus groups welcome.

Current opening hours can be found here.

Töpfereimuseum im Kannenofen

Töpferei + Museum im Kannenofen
Kleine Emser Straße 4
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen

Web: https://www.keramik-stadt.de/keramikwerkstaetten/73-toepferei-museum-im-kannenof
E-Mail: bolko.peltner@gmx.de
Tel.: (0049) 02624 72 51