Steinerlebnispfad Maria Laach

Maria Laach · Eifel

The mascot of the Laacher See volcanic region "Laachus", the floating pumice stone, accompanies the children along the 300 m long stone adventure trail on the monastery wall of Maria Laach and introduces them to volcanism with puzzles and child-friendly tables.

In between, the rest area invites the parents to take a short break while the children can let off steam with a jumping game and go on a journey of discovery through the legendary volcanic region of the Laacher See.

At the end of the stone adventure path, a souvenir photo can be taken together with "Laachus" at a photo point.

Laachus suitcase:

The adventure game, the entire story of "Laachus" and his search for the answer to why he can swim, information cards and much more can be found in the Laachus suitcase.

You can get it from the tourist information centers in Maria Laach and Niederzissen (town hall) or from our online shop.

Maria Laach stone adventure trail is funded by:
The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD):
Europe invests in rural areas within the framework of the "Environment, Rural Development, Agriculture, Nutrition" (EULLE) development program.
Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Food, Viticulture and Forests

Steinerlebnispfad Maria Laach

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