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With approximately 14,000 media units, the public library offers a broad and up-to-date collection covering all areas of life. Through the offer and the competent advice we help you to find the right thing for you - whether it is the latest crime novel of the bestseller list, literature on a lecture topic or information on tenancy law.

If the available literature is not sufficient or if the desired literature is not available in our stock, we will be happy to order it nationwide through the German Interlibrary Loan system. Already since 1996 there is an online connection to the Rheinische Landesbibliothek Koblenz, which allows access to about 1 million scientific media. In addition, the Internet can be used here for further research for a fee. We always announce our regular events and dates in good time online and in the local press.

A special offer for all clubs, schools, kindergartens and other groups: You can borrow "media boxes" in sturdy transport boxes with your library card. Each box contains 20-25 media.

The loan period is 3 weeks and can be longer by arrangement. History: In Oberlahnstein, a library of the Rheinische Kulturgemeinde was opened in 1947 - with the permission of the French occupation - in cooperation with the Volkshochschule. In 1953, it was moved to the basement of the grammar school building at Schillerpark and, as the Oberlahnstein public library, to the Old Town Hall in Hochstraße in 1954.

After the Gymnasium moved to Oberheckerweg, the public library was relocated to the former director's residence at the corner of Gymnasialstraße and Wilhelmstraße in 1975. A library existed in Niederlahnstein before the Second World War; it did not open its doors again until 1951 in the "AltSchul" in Johannesstraße.

In the course of the demolition of the building in February 1997, it was merged with the Oberlahnstein public library. (Source: The history of Lahnstein in the 19th and 20th century). As of July 15, 2015, the public library has moved to the former main school "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Schule" at Kaiserplatz. The new premises are located on the 1st floor, where the school book lending service now also organizes the lending and return of school books for the elementary schools in Lahnstein.

Stadtbücherei Lahnstein

Stadtbücherei Lahnstein
Kaiserplatz 1
56112 Lahnstein

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