Late Gothic "Palace Church" (Schlosskirche)

Meisenheim · Naheland

Art-historically the castle church is the most important building in Meisenheim. Together with the Herzog-Wolfgang-Haus it comprises the only remaining part of the former castle. The three-nave hall church has a splendid tower with an openwork spire.

Of particular note are the artistic vaults, foremost the hanging vaulting in the Wittelsbach burial chapel, the engraved Rococo pulpit and the magnificent Stumm organ (installed 1765-1767).

According to the Hague Convention for the Protection of Historic and Cultural Heritage, the Schlosskirche is among the cultural monuments worthy of special protection in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Late Gothic "Palace Church" (Schlosskirche)

Spätgotische Schlosskirche
55590 Meisenheim/Glan

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