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Sollig is the highest peak in Alf area (398) m and reachable either over the Alf vineyards or Mosel high routes. Sollig reflects the economical change in the Alf area since end of the war. In the past the dominant role was played by oak woods and so called "Rottwirtschaft" with cultivation of potatos and firewood. As the time went by the modern forestry with conifiers took over.
The old path "Schleifweg" shows how troublesome was the transport of wood to the valley. Old stone heaps recall the agricultural meaningfulness of Sollig.
Oaks and European hornbeams are retained in their original form and are considered as nature and culture monuments.
Parking places at the "Sollig Hütte" or "Antoniushütte" offer rest in peaceful and quiet area with many view points. "Sollig" is a connection between high routes along the Mosel.


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