Schloss und Schlossgarten Weilburg

Weilburg · Lahntal

High above Weilburg, at the top of the spur around which the Lahn flows, the Weilburg castle and adjacent castle garden are enthroned. You can enjoy the best view over Weilburg from the grounds, which were specially prepared for the castle.

First settled around the year 900 AD, Count Philipp III and his son Albrecht von Nassau-Weilburg built a four-winged palace on this site between 1533 and 1572. It still dominates Weilburg's cityscape today and served as the residence of the Counts of Nassau-Weilburg for over 200 years. Count Johann Ernst (1675 - 1719) and his master builder Julius Ludwig Rothweil converted and extended the complex in the baroque era so that the castle, outbuildings and the castle and town church still look "from one piece" today.

Restored and maintained with great commitment, the palace offers interested visitors a tour through various epochs of noble living, courtly life and interesting details about the history of the House of Weilburg-Nassau.

Did you know, for example, that the last duke residing here, Adolph zu Nassau-Weilburg, became Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1890? Our expert museum guides will be happy to tell you more about this on a guided tour.

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Schloss und Schlossgarten Weilburg

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