Rotenfels - höchste Steilwand Deutschlands nördlich der Alpen

Bad Kreuznach · Naheland

The Rotenfels is a nature reserve and home to a variety of rare plants and animals found only here in the region. It is also an ideal place for hiking enthusiasts. One of many hiking trails leads directly along the entire rim of the rock massif. The Rotenfels lies on the left bank of the Nahe River between the villages Norheim and Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg.

The south-south-eastern border is defined by the Nahe Wine Route running at the foot of the slope and the outskirts of Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. In the southwestern and northern directions, vineyards and forests form the boundaries of the area. The Vitaltour Rotenfels as well as other well signposted hiking trails lead across the rock massif. The platform can also be easily reached by car via the village Traisen.

German Alpine Club Nahegau Section: Climbing the Rotenfels The Rotenfels, the highest rock massif in Germany outside the Alps, is an important rock biotope and therefore designated as a nature reserve. Especially to protect the peregrine falcon, climbing is therefore only possible with restrictions. In principle, the area west of the Bastei is closed all year round, east of the Bastei from 1 January to 30 June. Exceptions for releases for climbing within the regular closure period are usually announced at the end of April / beginning of May. The Rotenfels is not a sport climbing area, but has an alpine character. It is therefore only suitable for already experienced climbers. A good knowledge of the area is necessary to find a climbing route in the multitude of gravel gullies, chimneys, towers, break walls and craggy slopes. For those unfamiliar with the area, it is therefore necessary to be guided by an experienced local guide. (

Rotenfels - höchste Steilwand Deutschlands nördlich der Alpen

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