Römische Wasserleitung Brey

Brey · Romantischer Rhein

Two dream hiking trails - the Brey Spay culture trail and the Rheingoldbogen dream trail - lead to the Roman water conduit. This archaeological gem (identical in construction to similar installations in Saarbrücken and Düren) represents the largest ancient tunnel construction north of the Alps. Follow the Mühlweg in the direction of the sports field and park your car there. Then follow the slightly ascending hiking trail for about 300 m into the forest. There are detailed descriptions on signs on site. Learn what the Romans built back then to have fresh water. Time required is about 30 minutes.

This aqueduct and the possibility to go down the shaft can be visited during a free guided tour from May to October every 1st Sunday of the month between 10:00 and 12:00. Groups can register for a guided tour at any time by calling 0049 2628-3119.

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Römische Wasserleitung Brey

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