Roman Sarcophagi

Trittenheim · Mosel

The Roman sarcophagi near Trittenheim are part of a tomb discovered on April 3, 1920 in the vineyard slopes of the "Trittenheimer Apotheke" vineyard from the time of the government of the Roman emperors Valentinian and Gratian (around 375 AD). They are made of light sandstone and, as is common for regions with a Romanesque population in late antiquity, they are rectangular and have a roof-shaped cover.

In 2006 the “Sarcophagi” viewpoint was integrated into the “Römersteig” themed hiking trail from Trittenheim to Minheim. With the help of state funding and EU funds - as part of the "Street of the Romans" project - the stone coffins were restored in 2009 & 2010 and provided with a slate-covered canopy. Rest benches and a display board with explanations of the find invite you to rest.

For those interested in culture, hikers and wine lovers, a wonderful  viewpoint has been created on the "Römersteig".

Roman Sarcophagi

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