Boppard · Romantischer Rhein

At every turn through Roman history. Boppard was one of the most important Roman settlements on the Middle Rhine.

Through Julius Caesar's campaigns of conquest in Germania, this region also came under the control of Rome. The Celts already lived here and gave the place the ancient name BAUDOBRIGA. After the first traces of Roman settlement at the beginning of the Mühltal, not far from the western outskirts, a strong fortress was built in the middle of the fourth century with the name BODOBRICA, from which the current name BOPPARD developed. Located directly on the banks of the Rhine, the late Roman fort was impressive in Roman times due to its dimensions.

At 308 × 154 meters, it formed a roughly 4.7 hectare rectangle. The walls were three meters thick on the landside and two and a half meters on the Rhine front. With a height of nine meters, the complex underlined its defensive character, especially since 20 horseshoe-shaped towers at regular intervals of around 27 meters additionally protected the fort on the landside. After the times became too restless for the Roman occupiers and they finally left the Rhine, the settlement core of today's city developed from the former late antique fort. Today modern life pulsates in the alleys and in the squares of Boppard, but the roots are still visible.

The remains of the Roman complex surround today's town center and are the best preserved Roman fortress walls in Germany. You will find the freely accessible facility on Kirchgasse / corner of Angertstrasse in the center of Boppard. Viewing is possible at any time.


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