Rheinland-Pfälzisches Freilichtmuseum

Bad Sobernheim · Naheland

In Rhineland-Palatinate's largest open-air museum, you can see and experience how people formerly lived, dwelled and worked over the last five centuries.

To make everyday life in the past as vivid and tangible as possible, over 40 historic houses have been disassembled stone by stone and board by board on site over the past 30 years and rebuilt true to the original on the 35 hectare site of the Rhineland-Palatinate Open Air Museum.

The area is subdivided into four sections and represent the various regions of Rhineland-Palatinate. Village blacksmiths and watermills, merchants' shops and bowling alleys, vineyards and farms and many other buildings invite you to embark on an entertaining and informative journey into the past.

Hands-on programmes offer all age groups the opportunity to engage in the everyday life of the past. Various events such as the museum festival or the garden and plant day also offer guests a wide range of attractions.

The museum restaurant offers hearty specialities from the regional cuisine for you to enjoy.

The museum is also open on Mondays from June to August including public holidays and school holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate!


Rheinland-Pfälzisches Freilichtmuseum

Rheinland-Pfälzisches Freilichtmuseum Bad Sobernheim
Nachtigallental 1
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