Cochem Castle

Cochem · Mosel

The late-gothic building with its incomparable outline rises more than 100 m above the Moselle on a striking cone. The outer contour of the towering mountain seems to continue in the building and culminates in the slate roof of the massive tower. The structural condition classifies the complex in the type of hilltop castles, which, due to the terrain, were set up for all-round defense. Romanesque architectural fragments found in the castle well point to an expansion of the castle after 1056. Around this time or earlier, the core of the Romanesque keep was built as a square with an edge length of 5.40 m and a wall thickness of up to 3.50 m. At the same time, the tower was also raised. In addition, Baldwin connected the castle and town with strong walls in the first half of the 14th century. In addition, a strong chain was anchored below the castle, which could be operated with a pull rope from the castle to block the Moselle.

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