Neue Synagoge

Mainz · Rheinhessen

In 1912 the main synagogue was built at the intersection of Hindenburgstrasse and Josefstrasse, which was looted and set on fire during the pogrom night from November 9th to 10th, 1938. The center of the complex was a monumental circular building with a large dome, in which the actual prayer room was located. Two lower side wings extended from the rotunda, which housed the weekday synagogue, community rooms, wedding hall and the Museum of Jewish Antiquities. A column portico was placed in front of the side wings. After the war, the customs office was built on the site. During construction work, remnants of the pillar portico were found and erected again in 1988. 98 years after the inauguration of the main synagogue in Mainz on September 3, 1912 and about 70 years after its destruction by the National Socialists, the Rhineland-Palatinate capital received a visible sign of a new, lively Judaism. The new community center, built according to plans by the Cologne architect Manuel Herz, was inaugurated in 2010 at the same location. “Kedushah” is the Hebrew word for a blessing for “sanctification”, the five letters of which give shape and structure to the new synagogue in Mainz. The architecture with its independent design language and the facade surfaces covered with green glazed ceramic profiles deliberately turns away from the usual designs and materials. The design impresses and avoids adaptation and harmonization. Manuel Herz closes the arc from the Middle Ages to the present without any direct reference to persecution, pogroms and the Holocaust. Rather, his architectural work is based on traditional Torah texts. The fragments of the pillared hall of the previous building on the forecourt also create a connection between the destroyed main synagogue from 1912 and the present day.

Neue Synagoge

Neue Synagoge
Synagogenplatz (Ecke Hindenburgstraße/Josefsstraße
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