Naturpark Soonwald-Nahe

Simmern · Hunsrück

Discover the forests and hills around Simmern. Sometimes romantic and steeped in legend, at other times wild and winding - that is the austere and beautiful Hunsrück region. Start your hike in Simmern in the Soonwald Nahe Nature reserve. It ranges from the plateaus of the Hunsrück mountain range, over the quartzite crests of the Soonwald (Soon Forest) with its deeply carved river valleys, to the slopes of the Nahe Valley. In the Soonwald Nahe Nature Reserve experience the interplay between the contrasting tipes of scenery, the unmistakeable character of the region. You can obtain information on the many hiking trails around Simmern and Soonwald Nahe Nature Reserve directly from the Tourist-Information Office in the New Castle in Simmern.

Naturpark Soonwald-Nahe

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