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Marksburg Castle

The value and significance of Marksburg Castle lie primarily in its complete preservation as a medieval fortification. For many visitors it is the epitome of a medieval castle. Its exposed location on a rock 90 meters above the town of Braubach contributes to this.

The imposing fortress with buildings mainly from the 13th to 15th centuries is staggered with a keep, several buildings, kennels and bastions. The typical interiors such as the castle kitchen, knights' hall, bower, chapel, armory, wine cellar, battlements and tower rooms are particularly worth seeing. They provide insights into medieval life. The Lords of Eppstein built the fortress from the year 1231 to protect the nearby silver mines. Marksburg Castle was still known as Braubach Castle until the 16th century. The castle changed hands several times. With the extinction of the Counts of Katzenelnbogen, Marksburg Castle fell to the Hessian landgraves. Later, the castle complex no longer met the upscale aristocratic residential requirements of modern times, so the residence Schloss Philippsburg was built in the valley.

Access to the castle complex is only possible as part of a guided tour.


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