Maarmuseum Manderscheid

Manderscheid · Eifel

Stop by the Maarmuseum Manderscheid and travel far back to a time when nothing in the Eifel was the same as it is today. The "Terranaut" takes you on a fantastic journey into the past and lets you experience the formation of a maar up close. See the red-hot core of the earth, feel how the earth shakes under your feet! Finally, the Terranaut will spit you out like a volcano spits out lava. A fascinating experience!

The museum focuses on the formation of the "Eyes of the Eifel", as the deep blue maars are also called. A walk-in model of a maar illustrates vividly how a maar is constructed. In showcases you can admire typical Eifel landscapes in miniature. The highlight of the Maar museum, however, is the "Eckfelder Urpferdchen". This is an almost completely preserved skeleton of a pregnant mare from 45 million years ago. You can also marvel at the oldest honey bee in the world. In the Maarmuseum science is really fun!

Maarmuseum Manderscheid

Maarmuseum Manderscheid
Wittlicher Str. 11
54531 Manderscheid

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