Beginn des Obergermanisch-Raetischen Limes

Rheinbrohl · Romantischer Rhein

The Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, is an outstanding place of archaeological interest, covering a total distance 550 kilometres.

Around 2,000 years ago its forts, watchtowers, walls and palisades protected the mighty Roman Empire from independent Germania. It is the longest and one of the most impressive archaeological monuments in Europe, marking the frontier where the highly developed civilization of ancient Rome met 'barbaric' Germania. The Limes runs from Bad Hönningen/Rheinbrohl on the River Rhine to the Regensburg area on the River Danube.
The Roman historian Tacitus referred to the beginning of the Limes Romanus as "Caput Limitis” – head of the limes. So here we are at the Caput Limitis – the beginning of the Limes. Seize the opportunity to experience Roman history. On the Rhine you will find watchtower No. I marking the beginning of the Limes. Watch tower No. IX, has been reconstructed in the forest near Rheinbrohl. Walk along the Limes Trail and get your fill of culture and nature. Discover the remains of the wall and climb the tower, just as the Roman soldiers did a long time ago - in your case of course not to protect a whole empire, but merely to take in the magnificent view of the foothills of the Westerwald and the Rhine valley.
Visit our museum in the RömerWelt and enter the Roman World at the Caput Limitis. And then, your thirst for knowledge satisfied, taste our Limes wine, have a slice of the delicious Limes cake or even a lavish Roman meal at a nearby restaurant.
And if all this has whetted your appetite for more, follow the German Limes Road or the Limes Cycling Route which start in the spa park in Bad Hönningen and run over 550 km to Regensburg.

Beginn des Obergermanisch-Raetischen Limes

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