Laurentiusbad Daun

Daun · Eifel

Travel for All- Accessibility certified partially accessible for people with walking disabilities partially accessible for wheelchair users

The indoor swimming pool "Laurentiusbad" in Daun is open to the puplic.
Water temperatur is about 28°C.
Area for swimmers is 10,00m * 15,00m * 1,80m, for non-swimmers:10,00m * 10,00m * 0,55m – 1,25m (adjustable height)
The pool area is suitable for the disabled and uses a mobile lifter.
public parking area is closed to the market place.

Laurentiusbad Daun

Laurentiusbad Daun
Leopoldstr. 14
54550 Daun

Tel.: (0049) 65922444

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