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The spa park Daun is a welcome place for everyone who likes to spend time in nature and feel its decelerating effect. The spa park was only redesigned in 2015 and completes Daun's offer as a recognized climatic and Kneipp health resort. There you will also find the state-approved DUNARIS healing spring, which with its high sodium magnesium hydrogen carbonate content is one of the most healing and alkaline acidulous springs in Germany. In the Daun spa park, you can test the effects of the DUNARIS healing spring yourself during a drinking or bathing cure. The Kneipp facility next to the tapping point invites you to revitalize your body in a naturally refreshing way.

Children can let off steam on the large playground in the spa park or watch the ducks leisurely making their rounds on the pond. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy a little time out on the placed loungers or find your way back to peace and balance during a short walk. And not only the soul comes to rest in the spa park, you can also do something good for the body. A small trim trail encourages you to stay in shape and actively move. Let yourself be grounded and find your favorite spot in the spa park Daun.

These hiking trails lead through the spa park Daun:

Dreewanderung, Eifelsteig, Carl-Carstens-Weg, Heimatspur Kleiner Dauner and Lieserpfad

Kurpark Daun

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