Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim - Imperial Palace

Ingelheim am Rhein · Rheinhessen

Charlemagne (748 - 814) chose Ingelheim as a base for his travels through his Frankish Empire and had a representative Palatinate built - that was the name of the seats of government in those days. In terms of importance, the imperial palace in Ingelheim is on a par with the palaces in Aachen and Nijmegen. In the Middle Ages, world history was written in Ingelheim - with exclusive events such as coronations, imperial synods and abdications. After Charlemagne, two handful of rulers still use the Ingelheim imperial palace - it remained an important place of European politics and cultural history for over 300 years.

Ruins and restored remnants, some of which have been merged with residential buildings, reconstructions of the Saal area, cobbled tracks, information boards on the historical circular route, which explain each relic that has survived or even disappeared, thus making the past splendour comprehensible (guided tour recommended). In addition to the signage and accompanying booklet, there is the KAISERPFALZ-APP, which is available free of charge in Google Play and in the AppStore (to be found under the keyword "Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim"). This means that the Kaiserpfalz can be experienced digitally at any place and at any time.

Aula regia - the throne hall with spiral staircase to the Staufer defence wall, the former Heidesheim Gate from the 12th century with inspection walkway, the semicircular building Exedra with reconstructed colonnade, excavation sites of the Kaiserpfalz Research Centre.

Did you already know? Wedding room in the Heidesheim Gate
In the Kaiserpfalz you can also get married in a registry office! More precisely, in the wedding room in the Heidesheimer Tor. This is a mixture of ancient walls, married with modern architecture and comfort. Our brochure "Getting married in Ingelheim" helps you to prepare for the most beautiful day in your life.

Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim - Imperial Palace

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