Blankenrath · Mosel

The youth free time place locates  in a wonderful surrounding in the wood. To the complex belongs 6 group houses for each time 9 young persons, 2 rooms for the persons who look after and each time 5 such persons, a central building with modern kitchen and multi-purpose room, a grillplace as well as a skateboard path.

Klingels, Jutta
Am Rehling 5
56865 Blankenrath
Phone +49 6545 6911


Jugendfreizeitstätte Blankenrath
Am Rehling 12
56865 Blankenrath

Web: http://www.blankenrath.de/tourismus/freizeitstaetten/jugendfreizeitstaette/
E-Mail: klingels@web.de
Tel.: (0049)65456911