Hambach Castle

Neustadt/Weinstrasse · Pfalz

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Hambach Castle has been a symbol of German democracy since May 1832, when the flag bearing the German national colours of black, red and gold was first flown on Kastanienberg near Neustadt. "Rise, German men and boys of all ranks, shine with the holy glimmer of the fatherland and freedom, gather together!" About 30,000 people followed this call. Guided by trumpet calls and music, they marched up the festooned mountain path to Hambach Castle. They raised the colours black, red and gold on the highest battlements of the castle. They expressed their demands in numerous speeches, greetings, songs and toasts. In countless conversations and discussions, there was a lively, even heated exchange of ideas and opinions. In many ways, this political event resembled a fair filled with stalls, music and carousels.

The exhibition "Hinauf, hinauf zum Schloss!" (Up, up to the castle!) focuses on the events related to the year 1832, with the main focus being on Hambach Festival. A variety of interactive stations, where, for example, you can make cockades or slip into contemporary costumes, will provide plenty of fun to all ages and bring history to life.

The exhibition is divided into several sections: • Europe in turmoil. The road to Hambach Festival • Black, red and gold - symbols of freedom and unity • Freedom of speech and censorship. The fight for freedom of the press and freedom of speech • Parliament and Constitution. From Hambach to Frankfurt • Freedom and international peace. The long road to democracy and Europe An audio guide to the permanent exhibition is available in four languages (German, French, English and Polish).

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Hambach Castle

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