Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay

Mörsdorf · Hunsrück

Germany's most beautiful suspension bridge in the Vorderhunsrück! The Geierlay suspension rope bridge is 360 m long and 100 m high. The walk to the bridge is 1.7 km. It is not possible to drive up to the bridge by car. The last toilet possibility is at parking lot 1.
There are numerous hiking opportunities on site, including the Geierlay loop (6.4 km).

Interesting numbers:
360 m length 100 m height
85 cm wide footpath
57 tons dead weight
The bridge carries 50 tons this corresponds to about 600 people with an average weight of 80 kg
6 months construction time € 1.2 million costs of which € 700,000 from state and LEADER subsidies and € 90,000 from prudent municipalities and association municipality Kastellaun, the rest is borne by the local municipality Mörsdorf).

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Entering the bridge is at your own risk! The footpath is only 85 cm wide, so strollers should be much narrower than 85 cm so that oncoming pedestrians can pass.
Bicycles have to be pushed over the bridge, dogs have to be leashed.
According to static calculations, the bridge can withstand wind speeds of over 200 km / h. The wind guy ropes ensure a stable position, so it hardly wobbles.

Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay

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