Geysir Andernach

Andernach · Romantischer Rhein

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The world's largest cold-water geyser is a geological sensation, a unique natural spectacle that is second to none. Not far from Andernach, the geyser rises in the Namedyer Werth. Unlike hot-water geysers, which eject water through the steam pressure of superheated water, this cold-water geyser is driven by carbonic acid. It has its origins in the active volcanic history of the landscape. The Eifel with its maars and extinct volcanic cones begins right in the hinterland.
At the Geysir Museum, visitors embark on an exciting journey underground to learn how the cold-water geyser works at hands-on stations. A boat then takes the visitor to the Namedyer Werth nature reserve. There the highlight awaits, the highest cold-water geyser in the world, whose eruption is preceded by a hissing and gurgling sound. About every 100 minutes it shoots up to 60 metres into the air. The tangible elemental force of nature impresses young and old.

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