Geilweilerhof - Institute for Grapevine Breeding

Siebeldingen · Pfalz

Formerly in the hands of the Cistercian monastery of Eußerthal, the Geilweilerhof is now home to the German Federal Research Institute for Grapevine Breeding. Probably the most famous products of the research conducted here are the wines Morio Muskat and Regent.

They are grown in the attached winery where visitors can buy classic wines but, more importantly, also own breeds.

The Geilweilerhof opens its doors every September as a part of the "Culinary Vineyard Tour" around the village Siebeldingen. At the "Night of the Oenologists" taking place every two years visitors can get an insight into the work of the research institute.

Geilweilerhof - Institute for Grapevine Breeding

Ortsgemeinde Siebeldingen
76833 Siebeldingen