Freiluftinhalatorium Kurpark

Bad Kreuznach · Naheland

Fresh and fit thanks to open-air inhalation The salt particles that you inhale at the brine atomizer and the graduation towers in the spa gardens reach deep into the respiratory tract. Free breath and soothing air make this area of the spa gardens a popular relaxation island for young and old. Especially on hot summer days, guests find an oasis of freshness here. Mineral water inhalations: a blessing for the respiratory tract The open-air inhalatorium in the Bad Kreuznach spa gardens ensures deep breathing and a beneficial effect on the bronchial tubes. There, two 40-meter graduation towers and an additional brine atomizer spray the healthy brine mist. The small droplets thus reach even deeper into the bronchial tubes. The salty air contains an abundance of vitalizing tiny particles. The tiny water droplets, so-called aerosols, are electrically charged. They stimulate the blood circulation in the lungs and the transport of oxygen into the blood - a refreshing cure for every cell of the body.

Freiluftinhalatorium Kurpark

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