Carnival Museum at the Proviant warehouse

Mainz · Rheinhessen

The carnival museum, which was newly opened in 2004, presents 160 years of Mainz carnival history. From fool's hats, medals, guards uniforms and costumes to song books, programs and historical image and sound documents to excerpts from the famous television sessions “Mainz, how it sings and laughs”, the exhibition offers a lively part of Mainz's history and culture. The exhibits document the Carnival from its beginnings in 1837 until today. The political-literary tradition dates back to the pre-March period when there was no freedom of the press. Documents, photos and films from private and club ownership provide a chronological longitudinal section up to the present day. Visitors can relive highlights of the TV Carnival on several televisions. The museum is specially designed for children (seating area with TV) and people with reduced mobility.

Carnival Museum at the Proviant warehouse

Mainzer Fastnachtsmuseum
Neue Universitätsstraße 2 (Proviant-Magazin)
55116 Mainz

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