Essigmanufaktur Hoffmann

Winningen · Mosel

We produce basic vinegars, herbal vinegars and balsamic vinegars using traditional methods. These achieve their round, aromatic taste through long maturation in barrique barrels in a former wine cellar in Winningen. Chutneys, relishes and fruit spreads are produced in small batches only from fully ripe fruit or vegetables, some of which we grow organically ourselves or obtain from regional producers. We do not use any preservatives, stabilizers or flavor enhancers. Our products are produced according to traditional old-fashioned methods. This is what our brand ESNZ stands for, derived from Old High German, as well as our logo, the dotted cross, the alchemical symbol for vinegar. Our sales base is a lovingly renovated house from the year 1700 directly at the Weinhexbrunnen in Winningen according to the guidelines of the protection of historical monuments.

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Essigmanufaktur Hoffmann

Essigmanufaktur Hoffmann
Weinhof 3
56333 Winningen

Tel.: (0049) 2606 9749985