Erlebniswelten Grubenfeld (mining site Experience Worlds)

Mayen · Eifel

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The mining site in Mayen is one of the oldest and most important mining sites for basalt lava. This porous stone is ideally suited for grinding grain and for millstones, especially the stone found here. During Roman times, grain mills from Mayen were a very popular export due to their particularly high quality. They were so effective that they were even elevated to the class of “equipment of importance to war”, because the Romans were able to use them to supply large numbers of troops at relatively little expense.
The bizarre 7,000 year old quarry is now a protected nature reserve and home to innumerable bats. An informative walk leads you through the heart of the site to the original locations where mining history took place. Moreover, the modern interactive exhibition, "SteinZeiten", provides practical insights into the working methods of the quarrymen and interesting insights into the world they lived in.
Erlebniswelten Grubenfeld is in "Vulkanpark Osteifel" (East Eifel Volcano Park) and is part of the volcanic industrial region, which also includes Römerbergwerk Meurin and Römerwarte Katzenberg. Go and see for yourself!

A station along the Roman roads.

A visit to the museum and the quarry field takes about 2 hours.

Erlebniswelten Grubenfeld (mining site Experience Worlds)

Erlebniswelten Grubenfeld
An den Mühlsteinen 7
56727 Mayen

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